Housing organisations to embrace collaborative working

Freya Lees

KINGDOM Housing Association and Fairfield Housing Co-operative launched a new Collaborative Working Agreement earlier this month.

The two organisations have a track record of partnership working which dates back to 2005 when Kingdom completed its first housing development in Perth and entered into an agreement with Fairfield for the management of the properties.

Over the last 18 months, Fairfield has been working with the Scottish Housing Regulator to improve governance and management arrangements. Now an agreement between Fairfield and Kingdom has been secured to enter into a Collaborative Working Agreement, where shared services will be provided.

Bob McDougall, Fairfield Housing Co-operative’s chair said, “I am delighted to announce that the new Collaborative Working Agreement with Kingdom launched on Friday 1st May. This means we now have shared services agreements for chief executive services, governance, financial management, and strategic asset management. These services will provide the support Fairfield needs to move forward as a well governed, stable organisation able to build on our progress over the last year and to focus even more strongly on achieving excellent customer and property services.”

Bob McDougall

Freya Lees, chair with Kingdom added, “At Kingdom we have a long successful track record of collaborative working and I’m really pleased that Kingdom and Fairfield have entered into this agreement, which will deliver mutual benefits for both organisations, our tenants, customers and stakeholders. We have established a joint project board, with representatives from the Kingdom board and the Fairfield management committee. The project board will oversee the operations and effectiveness of the shared services arrangements and in the future will consider if there is added value in entering into a more formal partnership relationship.”