Collaboration crucial as sector prepares for phased return

Alan Wilson

The Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum has welcomed plans for the phased return to work for Scotland’s construction sector and insisted that health and safety and collaboration must be ‘at the heart’ of the strategy.

The CICV Forum commented after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland will begin a process to reopen construction sites from May 28.

Under the phased return to work, businesses will be allowed to resume work on sites, based on a six-point plan which the government has developed with the industry.

Vaughan Hart, MD of Forum member the Scottish Building Federation said, “The shutdown in Scotland has been one of the biggest challenges the sector has ever faced and, while we wholeheartedly welcome the return to work, it must be carried out in the proper manner.

Vaughan Hart

“This means that the health and safety of operatives is paramount, and the correct guidance and procedures must be adhered to at every phase of the proposed route map. The Forum has been at the forefront of helping the industry by clarifying advice and this effort will now come into its own.”

The Forum added that it plans to release more guidance to help business owners, contractors and apprentices through each stage of the phased return, including advice for construction sites, domestic work and colleges.

Alan Wilson, chair of the CICV Forum and MD of SELECT added, “This is the news we have been waiting for and it has not come a moment too soon. We all understand the reasons why Scotland has been in virtual shutdown since March, and we all need to work together to assist the sector as it faces an uphill struggle to recover.”

Hew Edgar, RICS’ head of UK Government relations and city strategy commented, “One of the most important lessons to come out of the crisis is the value of working together for mutual benefit. The Forum was only created eight weeks ago and is the perfect example of this principle, having brought together a huge range of organisations and individuals in a concerted effort to protect the industry.

Hew Edgar

“As we restart the sector, collaboration between everyone involved – clients, architects, surveyors, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers – will be of the utmost importance since many of the issues which beset the industry pre-Covid, such as late payments and retentions, will still need to be addressed.”