70 sheds delivered free to vulnerable people in Greater Glasgow

A manufacturer of garden sheds has delivered 70 small Shopping Sheds free of charge to vulnerable people throughout the Greater Glasgow area.

Most were delivered personally by Shedman MD Bill Roddie, with the sheds offering a secure way to deliver shopping to friends and family, protecting essential items from the elements.

Bill Roddie explained, “We have had to furlough 20 team members because of the Covid-19 crisis, so, with the help of a couple of pals, I’ve been delivering most of the small Shopping Sheds to deserving people throughout Greater Glasgow. Some of those who applied for the sheds entered because they had nowhere to safely leave supplies for loved ones, including shielded senior citizens, people battling cancer or diabetes, or those with breathing difficulties.

“The reaction from people has been tremendous and we are sure that in these unprecedented times, delivering food and essential supplies to loved ones will be just a bit easier.”

The Shopping Sheds can be situated at a front door or in a garden. When lockdown measures are lifted, they can be adapted for further use as, for example, a planter, a parcel dropbox or a children’s outdoor toy box.

Bill Roddie, who is also a director of his Glasgow-based family-owned business, Spectrum Properties, added, “This offer is simply meant to give a helping hand to vulnerable people who may be struggling to get by.”