Union welcomes clarity over pay and non-essential working

Pat Rafferty

UNITE Scotland has welcomed the ‘stronger guidance’ issued by the Scottish Government to construction firms during Covid-19, which clarifies what constitutes essential works.

The union revealed it has been pressing for clearer guidance and tougher measures to ensure firms comply with government instruction and advice in relation to non-essential work, social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Unite said it has been involved in discussions with the Scottish Government and the STUC where evidence has been provided on the continuance of ‘non-essential works’ and breaches of social distancing measures.

Unite Scotland has also welcomed the Scottish Government stating that in the event of construction site closures the jobs and incomes of those workers must be supported.

Pat Rafferty, Unite Scottish secretary said, “Unite Scotland has been working tirelessly during this Covid-19 crisis to ensure that construction workers and the public are protected. Crucial to this effort has been to get the Scottish Government to give stronger guidance on what constitutes essential and non-essential works.

“We welcome the new guidance issued which to a far greater degree provides this clarity and that there is a review process in place so if further measures are needed then they can be adopted swiftly. Importantly from Unite‚Äôs perspective, the Scottish Government have also stated that in the event where non-essential construction work ceases then those firms should do all that is humanly possible to make sure the jobs and incomes of those workers is protected.”