Nicola Sturgeon doubtful of construction restarting as lockdown review approaches

NICOLA Sturgeon has said that, as it stands, it will ‘not be possible’ to lift the current lockdown regulations come the review date of May 7.

The statement came during the first minister’s daily briefing (April 30), after she was asked about the possibility of resuming the construction industry in order to aid Scotland’s economy.

She said, “We look at these things on an ongoing basis, not just for construction, but across the economy. We have the essential non-essential distinction generally into our approach use, that’s not exclusive or unique to construction.

“We’ve made judgement, and, as I keep saying, these are judgements that I make and the government makes based on the best advice, because our duty is to try and protect the Scottish population as far as possible. The judgement we have made so far is that, unless it’s essential, that it is not safe for construction sites to operate as normal but we continue to keep that under review and these will be evolving decisions over the next period. 

“As I said in my remarks today, what I am signalling to people in order that these things don’t come as a great surprise, is that it is likely that, by the time we get to this time next week, which is the 7th of May review date, it will not be possible in any meaningful way to lift these restrictions – of course, we will make the final decision on that next week at that review point, but I want to be as open as possible as we go along here and that’s what I’m trying to do. Our assessment right now, as of today, of the data and the evidence, is that it would not be safe to do that.

“But of course, in the days to come up until the 7th of May, we will keep that under very careful review.”