Construction manager set to launch free online mental health workshops for the industry

Chris Fawcett

A construction manager is set to launch a series of free virtual mental health and personal development workshops for those in the construction industry.

“The workshops will focus on the personal development that people can work on whilst they may be at home, it will be light-hearted and is designed to make people smile but also think how they can thrive through this uncertain time,” Chris Fawcett told Project Scotland.

Holding a site management degree, the 29-year-old retrained as a neurolinguistics practitioner and launched his life coaching service last year, with the intention of addressing the industry’s mental health problem whilst still operating as a freelance construction worker.

Titled ‘Thrive Through Covid-19’, the virtual workshops will be held via the free video communication platform, Zoom, from the 18th of May until the 24th of May, which falls on the UK’s mental health awareness week. Chris has said that everyone in the industry is welcome to join, whether they are still in work or not.

“It is ultimately a mindset and it’s very easy to lose that strength and get brought down by the negative energy around us,” he added. “Even with all the knowledge I have and coaching, I myself had a wobble for a half day, I quickly worked my way out of it but it’s very easy to slip!”

With sites still open in England, Chris made the decision to not work during the lockdown. He revealed that this led to concerns over his long term future and income, but insists that he turned these negative thoughts into positive energy through analysing and learning from them.  

“I am modelling myself on how to remain focused on the things we can control, the feelings I am having and the feedback I am receiving from my clients. This has allowed me to put my wealth of knowledge together and create the Virtual Mental Health Awareness Week so that people across the UK can benefit from it from the comfort of their own home.”
To sign up to the free sessions and find out more about the workshops via a video prepared by Chris, please click here.