AMA Homes unveils new apartments with views of Edinburgh city skyline

AMA Homes has completed the build of 16 new apartments in Edinburgh.

The Pavilion development comprises of 16 ultra high-spec apartments, ranging from three bedrooms with private gardens, to four bedrooms penthouses.

AMA Homes say that the build, designed by Richard Murphy Architects, is the ‘perfect combination of style and understood beauty’. The apartments are finished in natural sandstone, with private balconies designed to allow for a view of the Edinburgh city centre skyline.

Commenting on the unveiling of the new development, AMA Homes director, Behnam Afshar, said, “The interest created and the pre-sale achieved is a testament to the quality and our commitment to this very important site. It is essential to emphasise the importance of these valuable sites by creating a design and a build programme that will match the location. I invite you to think that such buildings will perhaps become the next generation of our listed buildings in Edinburgh.”