Cruden site manager helps build a brighter future for Rwandan children

CRUDEN Homes has welcomed site manager Phil Purves back from Rwanda where he, along with a team of volunteers from various football clubs, used sport to help improve the lives of local children.

Phil first visited Rwanda in 2016, taking football into schools and communities. With the backing of Cruden Homes, he was able to lead another team of delegates this year.

The team headed to Rwanda in February where they delivered football coaching sessions to children, including some experiencing homelessness and some with disabilities.

Phil said, “Every little thing you do makes such a difference. There are children who do not own a pair of shoes and cannot attend school, children walked for miles to come and play a game of football. It was fantastic. It’s a different lifestyle over there, you have to be there to really experience it.

“I’m grateful to Cruden Homes for their continued support. Their donation helped to make the trip possible in 2016 and it was fantastic to receive their support again for our second trip. As well as making a financial donation this time, Cruden donated water bottles and hats for us to take to the Rwandan communities. We also took donations of 136 pairs of shoes or football boots. Everyone there was so grateful.

“I hope it has opened up the eyes and hearts of the rest of our group. It certainly has changed me, and now when people complain or moan about trivial things I just revert back to the trip and tell them they don’t know how well off they really are. Football is a great leveller and brings people together, so we’re hoping we can take it turns with the different football clubs to return to Rwanda every year. We want to continue to support and improve the lives of children and families through football.”

Hazel Davies, sales and marketing director at Cruden Homes added, “It’s fantastic to hear Phil and his team had another successful trip to help communities in Rwanda. We were delighted to be able to support them when they first went to Rwanda in 2016 and were pleased to continue to support them again this year. Well done to Phil and everyone involved.”