BEAR Scotland to only deliver essential services amidst Covid-19 pandemic

BEAR Scotland is to only deliver essential services amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the road maintenance firm said that the safety of its employees and supply chain is ‘always of paramount importance’, and as a result only operations such as winter maintenance, emergency response, incident control room, and essential road safety work will continue.

An example of such work is the trunk road network across the north of Scotland. The firm ensures that it is fit for the purpose of national resilience including the delivery of food and medical supplies, as well as ensuring access for the use of the emergency services and key workers.

The statement concluded with, “The firm said that it is currently working on ensuring that all non-essential road maintenance projects are paused and left in a manner which is safe for public use. We are working to support the Ministerial call for efforts to be focused on delivering critical services to safeguard our road network, helping to ensure that Scotland’s emergency services can still reach those most in need during this difficult time.”