New resource launched to help managers address mental health at work

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MATES in Mind, a charity dedicated to promoting positive mental health in the construction sector, is using Time to Talk Day (February 6) to raise awareness by supporting managers across the UK in tackling the issue of mental ill health at work.

Last year, research found that 70% of managers reported barriers to mental health support within the workplace, while 62% had faced situations where they put the interests of their organisation above the wellbeing of colleagues.

Mates in Mind has now produced a free Manager’s Guide resource. 

Steve Martin, MD of Xmo Strata said, “There is a moral obligation on individuals, and in my view a professional obligation on managers, to make themselves aware of it (mental illness) and provide comradeship, and leadership, which is sensitive to it.

“As employers, we’re not experts. We need someone who can translate clinical information and advice from mental health professionals into something that is pragmatic and do-able in the working environment. Mates in Mind supported our organisation with this, and gave us ‘oven-ready’ advice which enabled us to move towards having a mentally healthy and sustainable workforce across the board.”

James Rudoni, MD at Mates in Mind said, “This Time to Talk Day, we urge managers across the UK to join us in starting the conversation about mental health. No matter where you are in your mental health journey Mates in Mind are here to help.

“With the support and commitment of managers, our work to transform the overall mental health of workforces can gather the momentum it needs to drive a lasting change. We know that enabling people to open up a conversation about mental health while providing them with the awareness and education to discuss the topic, continues to be the most immediate and effective starting point for improving mental health. Through these conversations, we can develop open working environments where the stigma and silence around the topic can be eliminated- and that is exactly what we aim to do this Time to Talk Day.”

The charity offers tailored mental health awareness training courses, including a bespoke Manage the Conversation course.

Mates in Mind’s ‘Let’s talk. Let’s act’ Manager’s Guide can be downloaded for free from the Mates in Mind website.