Kilmarnock affordable housing development complete

A ceremony has been held to mark the official opening of Cunninghame Housing Association’s new affordable housing development in Kilmarnock.

Longpark Phase 7, formerly a brownfield site, comprises 48 two, three and four-bedroom homes including cottage flats and houses. Twelve amenity units have been specially-designed for the elderly, with two fully adapted for wheelchair users.

The £6.3 million project was delivered in partnership with CCG and supported by housing association grant funding from the Scottish Government.

Cunninghame Housing Association chief executive Frank Sweeney said, “The completion of Phase 7 also marks the completion of East Ayrshire Council’s regeneration masterplan for the Longpark area. We are delighted to be a part of this key community regeneration which has also ensured the community has been an integral part of this process.”

CCG MD David Wylie added, “Longpark Phase 7 is a welcome addition to the affordable housing supply in Kilmarnock and we thank Cunninghame Housing Association and our partners for their continued support throughout the project programme. 

“Working with the Association and East Ayrshire Council, this development will be one of three completed in the town this year, creating a total of 171 energy efficient homes, as well as a range of community-based initiatives that includes the provision of jobs, apprenticeships and investment; Longpark itself helped to deliver two trade apprenticeships, two work placements and a £500 donation toward locally-based projects.”