‘Essential’ works complete as part of Stobhill expansion plans

WISE Property Care has announced that completion of ‘essential’ works to the new wards at Glasgow’s Stobhill Hospital has paved the way for further construction and the completion of an £11 million expansion project.

Work included the installation of gas barrier membranes to shower bases as well as ground floor slabs to prevent gas from permeating into the finished building. Specialists also sealed all pipe penetrations with membranes to provide defences against any gas from getting inside.

Wise was tasked with waterproofing the basement structure at the same time, and this included the installation of a Proofex Sheetdrain. Fixed to walls and flooring, the firm said this material ensures that groundwater and gases are successfully transported away from the structure.

Jordan Cullen, senior surveyor at Wise Basement Systems said, “Our team of experts have ensured the building will be fully damp proof, by safeguarding the basement foundations with specially-produced materials that will prevent any moisture from passing into the interior of the hospital.

“The fit-for-purpose damp proofing course will also help to prevent structural damage to the building in future and keep harmful gases away from the people that use the facility. It’s been a rewarding project, and I’m looking forward to seeing the building completed, and the new wards being used by local residents.”