Modular classrooms to allow for pupil return at Woodmill High School

THREE double modular units are to be installed on the site of Woodmill High School to allow for the initial phase return of pupils in January.

Designed to act as short-term classrooms, they will later be removed for the build of a semi-permanent modular school ‘village’.

Shelagh Mclean, head of education & children’s services, said, “Thanks to the ongoing hard work of many teams and partners, we’re confident that several Woodmill year groups will be able to return to their own school buildings after the Christmas holidays.

“Installing several temporary modular units, to complement the part of the school building that is being salvaged, will give us capacity to bring S3, S4 and S5 back to Woodmill High’s own site. This will mean S4 and S5 pupils can sit their prelims in January in their own school hall, and it will give them additional access to specialist facilities as they finish their certificated courses.

“We are absolutely committed to bringing all Woodmill pupils back together by August 2020 at the latest, and we’ll be doing everything we can to make it happen earlier if possible.

“We understand that this is still frustrating for many parents and pupils but building a larger modular village, that’s suitable to accommodate a whole school, is a much more complex process. Plans are already underway for this and we’ll keep people updated as we go.

“S1, S2 and DAS pupils will continue with their interim arrangements until the larger modular village is installed. However, from January, we’ll be looking for opportunities for these young people to have learning and social experiences at the re-opened Woodmill site.”

Earlier this year, it was announced that a shared learning campus estimated to cost between £150-180 million would be built by 2024 to replace the fire ravished Woodmill High School.