A football stadium for all seasons

DS Smith Plastics has developed roofing for a new football stadium in Slovakia using polycarbonate building solutions.

The firm’s Akyver multiwall polycarbonate sheets were specified for the stadium in Liptovsky Mikulas. 

The brief included good bioclimatic efficiency without compromising transmission of natural light.

The construction required 10mm thickness sheets with 9.15 metres extra-long length. The completed roof, made of Akyver polycarbonate panels, combined a coextruded UV treatment on both sides with IR control treatment on one side, to ‘help withstand sun rays without affecting the under-roof stadium’s climate’. 

DS Smith Plastics said, “Akyver solutions are made to measure to fit any size or technical requirements of the customer to satisfy their needs. In general, Akyver polycarbonate building systems by DS Smith Plastics can withstand all types of weather and sudden changes in climate. These building systems are known throughout the industry for its thermal insulation, high resistance and various surface treatments which keep the buildings comfortable throughout all seasons.