A platform for paint: Mabey kit allows testing ahead of bridge task


PAINTING of the 1.7-mile-long Queensferry Crossing will commence later this year following a careful planning process.

Mabey Hire recently revealed details of its role in supporting Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC) and Galliford Try in facilitating the testing of four platforms, which will be used to paint the structure.

A series of towers, assembled using Mabey’s Mass-25 modular propping systems, were used to support 12-metre spanning beams, mimicking the girders of the bridge. The platforms were then hung from these beams whilst load tests were carried out to confirm the safe working load of the platforms. 


Mabey’s team headed to the Forth Ports Marine Yard testing site to pre-assemble twelve of the shoring systems. Each painting platform was supported by eight Mass-25 towers at any one time. Mabey also provided a jacking system which was initially used to lift the platforms off the ground and up onto the spanning beams supported on the Mass-25 temporary support towers. 

Now that the platforms have been successfully tested, they will connect to the underside of the Queensferry Bridge  to facilitate painting.

Douglas Halliday, FCBC project manager, under deck operations, said, “Painting a structure of this size requires a huge amount of planning – and testing the logistics and load capacity of the painting platform forms a vital part of this preparation.” 

Gordon MacDonald, CEO of Mabey Hire added, “Every project we work on is different, working to specific scales, requests and load requirements. The beauty of our Mass 25 shoring system is that it has seven standard lengths of up to 2,700 millimetres, supporting loads of up to 250kN; perfect for a project like this, where different scenarios need to be played out. We’re proud to play a part in ensuring the painting of such an iconic structure happens as quickly and efficiently as possible.”