Scots construction workers benefit from ‘next generation’ safety helmets

Mactaggart & Mickel MD Ed Monaghan

SCOTTISH construction workers are among the first to utilise the next generation of protective headwear.

Housebuilder Mactaggart & Mickel’s site managers are equipped with the ‘Ranger’ safety helmets. The headwear is a double-walled helmet featuring the Crashbox impact absorption system, which reduces the force of an impact to the wearer’s head, neck and shoulders.

The Crashbox was inspired by the crumple zone effect from the automotive industry. The helmets also feature a protective layer that blocks UV rays.

Mactaggart & Mickel are one of the first companies in Britain to embrace the new range, designed by German manufacturers ENHA GmbH.

Marion Forbes, director at Mactaggart & Mickel said, “We’ve had great feedback from our staff about the new helmets, including their comfort and design – but the most important thing is the extra safety they bring to our sites.”