Considerate Constructors Scheme reveals development plans for coming decade

THE Considerate Constructors Scheme has set out a number of steps that aim to develop the Scheme for the next decade.

The organisation, which seeks to improve the image of the UK construction sector, has stated it will work with the industry to create a new focus on ‘social value’.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme said it will also be focusing on driving deeper community and public engagement, a more focused strategy on consumer facing marketing and PR, a comprehensive programme of listening and partnership and an assessment of new technology initiatives that can help develop the Scheme’s core beliefs.

As part of this further development, the Scheme will be searching for a new chief executive, who will lead the strategic direction of the organisation, and how it works with communities, with customers and with a range of organisations, interest groups, government and stakeholders.

New tools will be developed to understand and measure social value, and there will be a strengthening of where the Scheme delivers key value. This includes the development of its Ultra Sites programme; contractor and subcontractor registration; and an assessment of how it may be able to be more effective geographically.

Executive chairman of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, Isabel Martinson MBE, commented,” This announcement sets the Considerate Constructors Scheme on a path for the next 10 years. Our new strategy and structure will mean that the Scheme will be well equipped for the next phase of its journey.

“The appointment of a new chief executive is part of this development.  They will report directly to the executive chairman and the board.  They will support our networks, work with senior decision makers and creatively invigorate community engagement, business development and marketing, ensuring value for communities, contractors, clients, the supply chain, local authorities and the public.  They will bring insights and perspectives that refresh our strategies and our approach to all stakeholders.”

Edward Hardy, who has been the chief executive of the Considerate Constructors Scheme for the past decade, will step down at the end of 2019 when the new chief executive takes up the role.

The Scheme has also confirmed the securing of a new service agreement with its operational delivery partner from 1 January 2020.

Mrs Martinson added, “We are entering an exciting time for the Scheme. We have a tremendous opportunity to focus on the key benefits demanded by the industry, to work on our consumer conversations, to engage with media and public interest groups, NGOs and other stakeholders.  We have a unique delivery platform; the Considerate Constructors Scheme will become more accessible to the public, continue its effectiveness with the industry and broaden its outreach and messages.”