SGB and Lyndon team up after acquisition

Lyndon Scaffolding’s past projects include the Scottish Parliament

LYNDON Scaffolding is joining forces with SGB after being acquired by Brand Industrial Services, SGB’s parent company.

The move will combine the assets of both firms and provide an expanded offering to customers.

Dave Witsken, president of energy and industrial for BrandSafway said, “This is an exciting combination. It allows us to bring together a full range of scaffolding solutions — plus deliver excellence in a suite of other access technologies for our customers.

“By combining the assets, expertise and reputation of Lyndon Scaffolding with SGB, we will be able to expand our service solutions in key major cities in the UK, broaden our overall footprint and accelerate our growth.”

Lyndon Scaffolding was established in 1968 and has grown to a point where it has sales of £50 million, more than 600 employees and over £35 million in assets. The firm has been involved in projects such as the Scottish Parliament building, BBC Broadcasting House, Tate Britain, Severn Bridge, and the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Lyndon CEO Robert Lynch commented, “We look forward to being on the same team with SGB. SGB is one of our industry’s best-known and well-respected names.

“By working together and sharing our expertise and best practices, Lyndon SGB will be able to offer customers more products and services and improved solutions.”

Mick Herke, managing director of Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services in Europe said, “By combining resources, Lyndon SGB will have more locations and greater depth of expertise, and we will be able to leverage our scale to better serve customers.

“Both Lyndon Scaffolding and SGB are strong companies with an emphasis on excellent quality and service.

“Together as Lyndon SGB, we can create more value for clients.”