Permission granted for boat yard regeneration project

PLANNING permission has been granted for the regeneration of a port in the Scottish Borders.

Edinburgh-based Applied Engineering Design (AED) is taking on a central role in the works as part of the £2 million investment of Eyemouth boat yard, one of the last remaining repair facilities for the east coast fishing fleet and the RNLI.

The plans include a state-of-the-art repair and maintenance facility and envisage the existing sheds being replaced with modern buildings, which will accommodate bigger boats as well as facilitating year-round working. The vision for the project also encompasses slipways and offices, education and hospitality facilities.

Tim Hetherington, director of AED said, “The connection of the Eyemouth boat yard with the sea is unshakeable and it is a key employer in the town, providing work for up to 20 people. Without it, boats would have to go to Arbroath or Whitby for out-of-water repairs.

“The plans we prepared employ the latest civil and structural engineering techniques for work in the inter-tidal zone, the multiple sheds which will increase the range of boats the yard can handle and the educational facilities, including a viewing gallery.

“When the transformation is complete Eyemouth boat yard will be embraced as a focal point in the community which will provide valuable training and apprenticeship opportunities as well as skilled jobs.”

It is anticipated that, with the necessary permissions, work will begin on the Eyemouth yard in the middle of 2019.