New campaign urges construction workers to share positive sector experiences

THE Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) has launched a new campaign designed to encourage people working in construction industry to help “radically improve” the public perception of the sector by sharing positive experiences online.

The organisation has urged those involved in the industry to participate in the Promoting Construction initiative, which aims to advance a positive image of construction on social media using the hashtag #loveconstruction.

This, CCS said, will create an “ever-expanding library” online of positive imagery from the construction industry. Workers are being encouraged to post on social media, like and share positive images and stories of construction and use the hashtag on all relevant postings.

The campaign aims to improve perceptions of construction among the general public and help recruit young people to a sector crying out for fresh talent.

CCS chief executive Edward Hardy said, “Perceptions of the construction industry among the general public, particularly young people are now more than ever before formed by what they see and read on social media. While a number of organisations and individuals working across the industry are embracing the power of social media, there is a need for the entire industry to speak in one voice to promote a positive image of construction.

“The Scheme has around 9,000 registered sites, companies, suppliers, client partners and professional partners registered at any one time – imagine the impact we could have if each one uploaded a positive, inspirational image or story on social media using #loveconstruction.

“While the Scheme has a huge influence in encouraging the industry to get involved, everyone must play their part. After all, it is quick and simple to do and doing this, we believe, can have real impact on the image and reputation of our industry but only if everyone gets involved.

“By uniting under #loveconstruction, we will all be promoting a truly inspiring industry to help entice the next generation to ‘see what construction has to offer’.”