Women in Construction Summit seeks to “level the playing field”

Monika Slowikowska

GOLDEN House Developments director Monika Slowikowska has been confirmed as one of the speakers at the upcoming Women in Construction Summit.

Taking place on Tuesday March 6 in London, the event seeks to promote women in the industry, drive gender equality to the top of the sector’s agenda and “level the playing field”.

Monika Slowikowska’s company has completed six successful years of operations. During that time, the firm has won two prizes in the London Construction Awards, with Monika winning the Women in Construction Award and Golden House Developments scooping the London Build Excellence Award category.

Monika has highlighted the importance of recognising that while the construction sector employs as many as 2.1 million people, women comprise only 11% of this figure, and, according to research, are paid 12% less than men carrying out the same roles.

Monika said, “2017 was an unsurpassed, award-winning year for Golden House Developments, and we are looking forward to an even more fruitful year in 2018. We have reached our current position by raising the bar in the areas of design, construction and quality – all of which we recognise as being vital to our clients.

“I am a great believer that you should never forget who you are and where you come from, and I hope that by giving my own perspective at the Women in Construction Summit, I can offer some insight to my female colleagues in our industry.”