New Book explores wood benefits

Image credit: Tom Raffield & Kirsten Prisk

A new book celebrating the ways timber technologies have been used in residential design and construction over the last decade has been published.

Modern Timber House, written by architect and timber building expert Peter Wilson, also looks at the technical innovations shaping the future of UK housing. The book was commissioned by Wood for Good in collaboration with the Forestry Commission Scotland.

Issues addressed include affordability, finance, planning and sustainability.

Christiane Lellig, campaign director for Wood for Good said, “Over recent years our understanding and appreciation of the benefits of using more wood in housebuilding has blossomed. Not just in terms of structural timber, but also the huge benefits from more wood in interiors, doors, windows and other joinery, cladding and finishes.

“This book goes beyond aesthetics and shares what wood can do for a building, its occupants and the housebuilding industry at large.”

Author Peter Wilson added, “Using timber as the perfect source of inspiration, the book provokes a change in the way we think about housebuilding in the UK and illustrates the possibilities of implementation.”