On a High: Dundee museum works earn award recognition

HIGH Mill at Verdant Works, a social history museum in Dundee, has won a Dundee Civic Trust Award for the architecture and construction works that have helped transform it into a major visitor attraction.

Having been “on the point of collapse”, High Mill reopened in 2015 after James F. Stephen Architects and George Martin Builders worked on the project. Owned by Dundee Heritage Trust,┬áVerdant Works opened in 1996 and completed the second phase a year later.

Doug Reid, partner with James F. Stephen Architects said, “After working with the Trust for more than ten years to try to find a sustainable and viable new use for the High Mill and having sadly watched it deteriorate almost to the point of self-collapse, it is exceptionally satisfying to see how this unique and innovative space within one of the city’s Category A Listed Buildings is being successfully used not only for museum purposes but also for a wide and diverse range of artistic and cultural events. The end result is an exemplar conservation project achieved through the enthusiastic and successful collaboration of the entire project team which will hopefully be enjoyed by both the local community and visitors to Dundee for many years to come.”

David Maxwell, owner of George Martin Builders in Dundee added, “Verdant works was reclaimed from a severely dilapidated mill into a functional varying use building. It was completed to the high standard shown due to the communication of all parties and a focus on a common goal. The client and design team embarked on the project with clear objectives to provide this multi-purpose much needed facility for the city. It was a pleasure to be involved.”