57 Glasgow flats have ‘Grenfell-type’ cladding

London’s fire-ravaged Grenfell Tower. Image credit: C. Hoyer / Shutterstock.com

DOZENS of Glasgow private properties have been discovered to have an element of aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding in their construction.

Checks were carried out in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London and residents of those properties will now be notified “as quickly as possible”, Glasgow City Council has confirmed.

A spokesman for the council said they were asked by the Scottish Government’s Ministerial Working Group to identify properties which featured ACM. “This was a lengthy process which involved manually inspecting several thousand paper records,” a statement by Glasgow City Council read. “We reported back to the Government at the start of this month and they asked us a number of follow up questions which we are in the process of answering.

“We identified 57 privately owned addresses which had some element of ACM in their construction, a much smaller number of which have it as a substantial part of their make-up. However there is no suggestion that these buildings are a particular fire risk, all of them have fire systems in place and all of these buildings comply with the building regulations which were in force at the time they were constructed.

“It is important that people have all the information they need but it is also important that people do not panic. This is why we were content to have the ministerial working group consider what to do with this information. If we had had any fear that people in these properties were at any risk, we would have used our building control powers to shut the buildings and compel the owners to carry out remedial work.

“We will be informing residents in these addresses as quickly as possible.”