Clyde Gateway welcomes Canadian energy firm

(L-R) Ian Manson, chief executive of Clyde Gateway, and Lynn Mueller, CEO of International Wastewater Systems

Clyde Gateway’s Red Tree Business Suites in Bridgeton is set to welcome a new tenant.

SHARC Systems, the European arm of Vancouver-based International Wastewater Systems (IWS), has taken 974 sq. ft. of space at Clyde Gateway’s offices at Red Tree, Bridgeton on a two-year license, which will act as SHARC’s new European headquarters.

SHARC has designed and developed a new method of extracting waste heat from raw sewage flows using heat pump technology. This, the company claims, produces clean, renewable thermal energy for buildings, which can help deliver savings in energy, costs and carbon emmissions.

The firm was awarded £5 million of funding from the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP), managed by the Scottish Government, in May of this year. The funding is to be used to install SHARC’s “innovative new technology” at five locations across Scotland including Clyde Gateway’s Shawfield and Dalmarnock developments.

Ian Manson, chief executive at Clyde Gateway commented, “We are delighted that IWS has become the latest company to choose Clyde Gateway, in this case as the location for its new European headquarters. It is particularly exciting as SHARC Energy Systems will also be carrying out work to install its technology at our Magenta and Dalmarnock developments.

“SHARC Energy Systems plans to use a significant waste water resource, located right in the heart of our regeneration area, to heat and cool buildings that we are looking to develop, which will have significant benefits for the Clyde Gateway area in terms of energy and cost savings.”

Russ Burton, chief operating officer at International Wastewater Systems added, “Funding from the LCITP has created the confidence for SHARC to recruit new employees and establish a dedicated Scottish office that is expected to become the headquarters for all UK and European SHARC activity.

“Clyde Gateway is an excellent location with access to a highly skilled workforce. Having Clyde Gateway as the home for our European operations could also provide us with the additional production capacity we need to meet the increasing demand for our products across Europe.

“With a potential heating demand of 22MW, the Clyde Gateway development creates an opportunity for SHARC to demonstrate the capacity of our technology to deliver a truly carbon efficient district heat network service.”