Scottish Government urged to act over “rogue” electricians

Newell McGuinness

THE prospect of regulating the electrician profession in Scotland may have moved a step closer after SELECT and representatives from Unite the union met with Keith Brown, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, to discuss the threat of “rogue” electricians.

SELECT had led a long-running campaign to have electricians officially recognised as professional people and minimise public safety risks by cracking down on untrained individuals posing as qualified tradespeople. They want the Scottish Government to make it an offence to work while unqualified to do so.

The trade body said Mr Brown has “agreed to explore what might be able to be done in relation to protecting the title of electrician and empowering consumers when they make decisions around the provision of electrical works in their homes”.

Newell McGuinness, managing director of SELECT led the delegation to see Mr. Brown. He said, “We have worked constructively with Government officials over many months, assembling evidence and producing a detailed evidence report. We have also canvassed opinion and met with universal support.

“With Unite, we have pointed out that regulation will stimulate the apprenticeships upon which we set so much store and there is already in place a respected long established self-regulatory structure which can be built upon when protection of title is achieved.”

Bernard McAulay, national officer of Unite the union added, “Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds in the electrotechnical industry and it is vitally important that people can be assured that the electricians they employ are fully qualified and compliant with all regulations currently in force.”