Resilience workshop to discuss flood plans

Dr Stephen Garvin

BRE Innovation Park in Ravenscraig is to host a workshop that will examine how the Property Resilience Action Plan will impact on property flood resilience in Scotland.

A panel of experts will address the invited audience at the event, which will take place on February 16. Debi Garft, who oversees flood risk management and coastal erosion at The Scottish Government, will discuss flooding and property resilience. Joey Tabone, from Business in the Community, will offer insight into actions to assist flood victims, while Sergon’s Ian Gibb will highlight how best to embed resilience planning into small businesses.

Also addressing delegates will be Dr Stephen Garvin, director of the BRE Centre for Resilience. Dr Garvin said, “Last winter, an estimated 1,000 homes and businesses in Scotland were directly impacted by floodwater, with much of the repair and recovery process still ongoing.

“Despite this, and rather surprisingly, Scottish householders and business owners within high flood risk areas are still relatively slow in taking proactive measures to counter the issue, so we believe events like this are vital moving forward.

“As winter once again grips the country, Property Level Resilience (PLR) aims to make people and their property less vulnerable to the physical and mental impacts of flooding.

“Properties need a package of measures, some of which prevent water entering a house and others that minimise the impact should water enter the house, speeding up the recovery process.”