Raising a glass to new partnership

KIRKCALDY, UK. 23/02/2016  Cullet glass recycling bags at CMS Window Systems, Castlecary.    COPYRIGHT © STUART WALLACE 2016 visit my website: www.stuartwallacepictures.com

Saint-Gobain in Scotland has announced it has teamed up with Cumbernauld-based CMS Window Systems in a “closed-loop collaboration” to recycle and reuse unwanted glass.

The firm said that, through the partnership, the glass is either recycled and made into new glazing units or is used as an alternative to raw materials, such as sand and limestone.

The recycling process begins with old windows extracted on site by CMS, being returned to one of its two dedicated recycling pants where the glass is separated from the frames. The cullet is then transported to Saint-Gobain’s glass production facility in Eggborough, where it is processed.

Saint-Gobain said most glass can be reused and can be transformed into new double and triple-glazing units, which are then returned to CMS for incorporation into new PVCu frames.

Glass waste that cannot be repurposed in this way is turned into raw material, reducing the need for virgin sand and limestone.

Andy Kerr from CMS Windows explained, “At CMS, we ensure that all waste is fed back into the supply chain wherever possible, and closed-loop contracts with large suppliers such as Saint-Gobain have been instrumental in achieving this.

“Closed-loop collaborations are also driving market change, making recycling a common prerequisite for window replacement tenders.

“This is a positive step to ensure that sustainability is a key consideration in every aspect of a product’s lifecycle.”

Simon Carin at Saint-Gobain added, “Glass has a huge impact on how buildings perform and provides enhanced comfort and wellbeing for occupants.

“By transforming old glazing units into more efficient double and triple glazing, we can help to improve the living environment for occupants, as well as reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process.

“Our partnership with CMS is one of the many ways we are working to reduce our impact on the environment and consumption of raw materials, and we will be continuing to pilot new and innovative methods of collecting and reusing glass in the coming months and years.”