SELECT’s Toolbox Talks tick all the boxes

Toolbox talk 2016 pic

SELECT, the trade body for Scotland’s electro-technical sector, has confirmed “record attendances and superlative feedback” for the organisation’s nationwide Toolbox Talks.

Almost 500 trade professionals attended 13 sessions, aimed at disseminating the latest technological information, throughout Scotland.

Alan Wilson, SELECT’s head of communications and members services explained, “Once again our series of Toolbox Talks have been a hit with SELECT Members and we have been delighted at the positive feedback and the readiness to keep up to speed with technical issues.

“All of the attendees were giving up valuable time to attend the talks, and I think it illustrates their commitment to ensuring that the industry stays ahead of the game and continues to provide the best possible levels of quality, delivery and safety for clients.”

Dave Forrester, SELECT’s head of technical services added, “The events are structured to provide detailed technical information and guidance which we hope our members will find useful.”