M9 project sets asphalt benchmark

Image - Tarmac and Amey set new benchmark for surfacing north of the border

TARMAC and Amey recently claimed to have set a new Scottish surfacing benchmark after laying 2460 tonnes of asphalt in just 29 hours.

The project on the M9 between Junctions 6 and 7 was delivered as part of Amey’s G4 South East contract with Transport Scotland.

Tarmac said asphalt laying on “similar scale” road projects is usually delivered within a period of 48 hours.

Transport Scotland closed the road so that the two firms could have full access and speed the process up.

A full closure of the road allowed Tarmac to lay material using two paving machines. Asphalt from Tarmac’s nearby Hillwood and Cairney Hill quarries also cut delivery times.

Andrew Grimsley, general manager at Tarmac Contracting Scotland said, “This project’s success is the result of a collaborative attitude to delivery, proactive management and a team that is focused on results.

“It provides an important industry benchmark for future schemes as we strive to work as efficiently as possible to cut project timescales and minimise disruption to the Scottish public.”

Tom Wallace, account director for Amey South East Trunk Roads Unit, added, “This is a perfect example of Amey working closely with our contractors – and utilising cutting-edge technology – to ensure we continue to deliver high quality results faster and with even greater cost-efficiency.

“It is an innovative approach to working that directly benefits our customers and the travelling public.”