MGM Timber to fill gaps with expansion

Michael Donaldson, Commercial Manager, MGM Timber
Michael Donaldson

ONE of Scotland’s largest timber merchants, Perthshire-based MGM Timber is looking to expand its operations across the country.

The firm, which currently employs 160 staff across 12 sites and head office, has its sights set on three new locations including Aberdeen, Edinburgh and either East Kilbride or Cambuslang.

A typical branch has a staff of between 10 and 12 people so the expansion would create 30 to 35 jobs across the three locations.

Commercial manager, Michael Donaldson, told Project Scotland, “For the last eight or nine years we’ve grown our sales, we’ve grown our product mix and we’ve got extra products in, but we’re also clear that there are areas of Scotland that we’re not trading in as much as we think we should. We want to try and fill those gaps because we know we have customers that trade in those areas so us having a branch there can only benefit them.”

Michael said that since putting the word out that the company is looking to expand, they have been “really pleased” with the reaction.

“We’ve had property agents get in touch, we’ve had a whole load of CVs sent in by people…we know these are the areas we want to be, we know the customers we think we can target but really, more important than the location is the people.

“It is the people in the branch that are the most important bit and they will make or break any business so they are absolutely critical.

“Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about because if we can provide the best service in town and the best quality in town then people are going to want to deal with MGM.“