Construction workers most likely to eat all their meals at work


CONSTRUCTION workers are the employees most likely to eat all three daily meals at work, according to new research.

A study by a money saving website found that over a third of workers in the UK have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at work at least twice a week.

The team at spoke to over 2000 full-time UK-based workers from a wide variety of professions for the research into the average working day.

Respondents were asked how often they found themselves working unpaid overtime in order to complete their work, how much overtime they worked in a typical week and if they often have to eat meals at work.

To find which profession found themselves eating all three meals the most often at work, participants were asked to provide which sector they worked in. The top 5 professions were;

  1. Construction workers– 23%
  2. Doctors/Nurses – 21%
  3. Chefs/Cooks – 19%
  4. Lawyers/Solicitors – 16%
  5. Lorry drivers – 13%

George Charles, spokesperson, said, “There is such a thing as too much work; and when you find yourself eating breakfast, lunch AND dinner at your workplace, it should probably be a warning sign that you’re pushing yourself too hard. I am all for voluntary overtime on occasion in order to prove to employers how motivated and dedicated to your career you are, but when you begin to have no time for yourself or a social life that’s just not okay.

“Some professions obviously do call for longer hours such as doctors, but this is why we have to treat them with the upmost respect. Eating all three of your meals in a massive rush while standing up or sitting at your desk isn’t healthy or fun.”