CITB to cut 46 jobs in restructuring process

THE CITB is to cut 46 jobs as part of a restructuring process.

The organisation said it is “reforming significantly” to meet the needs of industry, confirming in a statement that many employers “find the organisation too slow and difficult to deal with”.

The CITB said its middle management has now been restructured, laying the foundations for the next stage, to “reach many more employers through online services, improved phone support, and face to face services via a refocused CITB Advisor role”.

A proposed new advisor role was described by the CITB as bringing together “a range of existing and often overlapping roles to create a CITB one-stop shop for business information and advice on training. Advisors across the three nations will reach many more employers by working through training groups, advisory forums, Federations and other groups. This will help companies get the right skills for their businesses, based on local knowledge, and save time by carrying out simple processes – like applying for CITB grants – online or by phone”.

These proposals are subject to collective and individual consultation.

Steve Radley, director of policy at CITB, said, “Too often, our engagement with employers has focused on navigating CITB’s processes rather than looking at what they need. This new CITB advisor role, complemented by online chat, extended phone hours and simpler online processes, mean we will be able to support many more employers with advice and funding.

“These reforms are designed to give the industry maximum return on Levy investment, and a much better service from CITB. Employers will start to see the difference in 2016 and our aim is to have many more construction firms not only engage with us, but get the funding and support they need.”