Charity seeks views on Scottish planning review

COMMUNITY groups, development trusts and members of the public are to get the chance to air their views on how they think the Scottish Planning system should be reformed.

Planning charity PAS is running a series of events in central locations in Scotland throughout November. The overall review is being held by the Scottish Government as part of their programme for Government 2015- 2016 and aims to look at ways in which the planning system can deliver a quicker, more accessible and efficient planning process.

The Government also wants to hear views on how communities can become more engaged in the process, and is looking at how land and sites for more quality housing can be unlocked while continuing to protect and enhance Scotland’s nature and environment.

David Wood, PAS planning and policy manager said, “As an independent and impartial planning advice and education provider PAS is best placed to engage with the groups that use our services and find out how the system could be improved for them to inform our submission to the review. We are aiming to collect as many views and suggestions as possible and would be delighted to hear from all groups, trusts, community councils or anybody who is involved or has an interest in the planning system and how it can be reformed. We are urging people to sign up come along to one of the events so that they can have a say in Scotland’ planning policy and how it is used for future generations. “

The events will take place on the following dates:

Monday 16 November Edinburgh: 6 – 7 30pm

Tuesday 17 November: Perth: 6 – 7 30pm

Wednesday 18 November: Glasgow: 6 – 7 30pm.

To book a place please email indicating which event you would like to attend before Friday 13 November.