Bison brings dry-cleaning to concrete manufacturing

Using the dry ice system allows Bison to clean its machinery without producing waste

Bison Manufacturing has invested in a new environmentally friendly system to clean its factory machinery.

In line with the precast concrete manufacturer’s efforts to lower its environmental impact, the company said they required a new system to use in place of their traditional water pressure washers, which can produce large amounts of waste which can be difficult and costly to dispose of.

The new system from Karcher utilises dry ice pellets to clean concrete residue off machines without the use of any chemicals or spray agents. Starting as solid carbon dioxide, when exposed to room temperature and used with pressure, the pellets transition into a carbon dioxide gas, leaving behind no residues such as abrasives or waste water.

 Mike Neilson, Bison’s sales and commercial manager explained, “We have been working hard to find a replacement for our traditional water pressure washer.  Although this has not caused any major issues for us in the past, we want to ensure that our factory is working to maximum efficiency whilst also being sensitive to the environment.

“When we came across the dry ice system, we instantly knew it would suit us. The cleaning was quick, dry and produced hardly any waste, which will assist us in increasing productivity.”

Bison has also invested in a new unit plotter, a machine used to paint concrete units that are still in the wet stage with details of the products, including the unit’s width, length and shape, as well as contract specifics.

Mike Nelson added, “The new unit plotter means our units can be manufactured and delivered to site more quickly, giving contractors and developers confidence that their projects will meet the required timescales.”