Average construction worker loses out on £1130 due to childcare

A new study has revealed that, on average, construction workers will lose around £1300 during the summer as a result of having to take time off and take care of their children during school holidays.

The team at www.constructaquote.com polled a total of 2,978 UK based Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom work in the construction industry and had at least one child aged between 4 and 12.  Each participant revealed, prior to the study that their partner also works full-time. The participants were spread across different areas of the country to gauge how the amount of money lost as a result of the summer holidays changes from region to region.  Each participant also revealed that they did not receive sick or holiday pay from their current employer. 

Participants were originally asked to state whether they had needed to take any time off work during the summer holidays so far, in order to take on childcare responsibilities. The vast majority (83%) admitting they’d had to. The average length of time taken off work by each construction worker so far this summer emerged as five days. 

When asked if they had the option to hire outside help to look after their kids instead of taking the days off, over half (52%) admitted that they did, but were not prepared to pay for the cost of childcare. When asked to reveal the reasons why they had taken time off work to care for their children instead of their partner doing so, the majority (37%) revealedthat their partner earns more money and couldn’t take the time off, whilst 21% admitted that their partner works shift patterns and needed the day time to sleep and rest. 

When asked to estimate how much money and work they believe they may have lost as a result of taking unpaid time off to care for children this summer, the average amount was revealed as £1130 per worker. When analysing the loss to those construction workers currently living and employed within London, the average rose to an £1,850 loss. 

Lyndon Wood, CEO and creator of www.constructaquote.com, said, “This study really does show the rising cost of childcare and it’s worrying that workers are willing to refuse paid work in order to look after their children rather than pay for childcare. For those lucky enough to have close friends and family nearby that are happy to look after children at a discounted rate or for free, it may seem ludicrous that workers need to take time off during the school holidays, but it is the sad reality for many working families.

“Having said that, spending quality time with your children during their long-awaited summer is something that money really can’t buy. If it comes to taking a few days unpaid to enjoy the sunshine with the children rather than sending them to an overpriced childcare establishment, I know which one I’d rather choose!”