Aberdeen Masterplan takes giant leap forward

CCMP Heart of the City

ABERDEEN city councillors have unanimously approved the City Centre Masterplan after seizing a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity’ to kick-start a 20-year regeneration programme.

The principles outlined in a presentation from consultants BDP on the Masterplan were accepted, with more details on the delivery programme mechanisms to be decided in August.

Aberdeen City Council appointed a multi-disciplinary team headed by BDP to work with the public, businesses and a range of stakeholder organisations to draw up the plans.

Council Leader and Leader of the Labour Group Councillor Jenny Laing said, “These proposals once delivered will have a significant and positive impact on our city. With the potential for an extra 5,500 jobs and an increase of £280million in the city’s gross annual income it is an opportunity that all councillors have seized.

“We now have to focus on the delivery programme for each of the projects and of course we will need to work with all our partners to secure the funding necessary to change our city for the better and to help build a city that attracts visitors and investors from across the globe.”

Independent Group Leader and Chair of the City Centre Masterplan Working Group Councillor Marie Boulton added, “Leading the Masterplan working group has been an honour. With representatives from all the groups on the council and a good range of stakeholders we were able to agree that a long-term city vision was needed. The public were clear that they wanted a strong city centre events programme which also sought to provide a cultural focus for the city.”

The key proposals identified by BDP following public consultation include:

•  43,600 sq.m. of reclaimed street space for pedestrians and cyclists
•  52,200 sq.m. of enhanced public space (including the main spaces of Union Street, Castlegate and Union terrace Gardens)
•  26,500 sq.m. of additional public space
•  129,336 sq.m. of new office development
•  129,846 sq.m. of new residential space (approximately 1,600 new dwellings)
•  66,960 sq.m. of improved retail and leisure space
•  33,456 sq.m. of new hotel space
•  Aberdeen Art Gallery extension and Cowdray Hall refurbishment
•  Aberdeen Music Hall refurbishment
•  Creation of an annual city centre events programme
•  Establishment of a Global Energy Hub applied science and innovation centre

A full list of the proposals is available on the Aberdeen City Council website.