Scottish Water reveals £3.5bn six-year plan

SCOTTISH Water has announced a a £3.5 billion investment programme which will support 5000 construction jobs.

The publicly owned company is starting a six-year programme, backed by £720 million of borrowing from the Scottish Government.
The work will improve drinking water supplies, protect the environment and support the economy.
Planned projects include more than £280 million in improvements to water mains and water treatments works across Scotland, and £45 million to deliver solutions to around 400 external sewer flooding problems across the nation.
Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the investment would ensure Scottish Water continues to provide one of the best value for money water services in the UK. Ms Sturgeon said, “Water and sewerage services are vital to our everyday lives. It is important we continue to invest to ensure that these keep on meeting the needs of customers, the environment and economic development.”
Douglas Millican, Scottish Water’s chief executive, added, “I am delighted that we are announcing the start of this major investment programme for 2015-21 which will enable Scottish Water to continue to provide first-class customer service, while supporting the Scottish economy and creating jobs in the construction industry.”