Construction workers best at building bodies


A survey of over 2,000 people who work out regularly discovered that builders and construction workers are the profession most likely to be hitting the gym.

The study, conducted by sports nutrition company,, found that builders represent 10% of all professions in gyms across the UK, putting other stereotypically ‘tough’ professions, such as fire fighters (0.4%) and the police (0.3%), to shame.

The survey also revealed surprising findings about people working in perceived ‘geeky’ professions, who in building more than just their brainpower. IT workers appear in the top ten workout professions, ahead of the heroes in our emergency services and, even more surprisingly, just one place behind those in the armed forces.

Working out can also be a sign of business success, with top company bosses also making up a large percentage of gym goers, 9% of the people surveyed.

Managing director of, Kieran Fisher, said, “Building is a career where strength and stamina are important assets, so it’s perhaps not surprising that people working in construction are motivated to take care of their bodies, increasing their fitness and ability to do their job effectively. However, we can also see a large number of desk-bound jobs in our top ten, indicating how working out is a great way to compensate for a more sedentary job, helping to reduce work stress as well as physical health.”

Top Ten Workout Professions:

  1. Construction / Building
  2. Company bosses / self employed
  3. Teaching
  4. Marketing
  5. Media
  6. Engineering
  7. Agriculture
  8. Financial services
  9. Armed forces
  10. IT