Making the earth move in West Lothian

Ground Developments Ltd

GROUND Developments Ltd’s work at Winchburgh Village in West Lothian has saved around 28,000 tonnes of upfill material heading for landfill.
The company undertook phase one of a large-scale earthworks and soil stabilisation project on behalf of Taylor Wimpey East Scotland.
The work will enable Taylor Wimpey to move ahead with the construction of 153 new homes at their Seton Park development as part of the overall Winchburgh Village project.
In undertaking this part of the project, Ground Developments Ltd has adopted a unique approach to maximise its relationship with Taylor Wimpey, as Kevin Mackenzie, Commercial Director for Ground Developments Ltd explained.
“We wanted to deliver a creative solution that would allow us to import 28,000 tonnes of upfill material in the most efficient way possible.
“Through our partnership with Taylor Wimpey on a number of their other Scottish developments, the material needed for Winchburgh has been moved and recycled from other Taylor Wimpey sites across Scotland. We also worked closely with SEPA to ensure all appropriate approvals were in place before any materials were imported.
“Then using our specialist soil stabilisation methods we have modified it and rendered it suitable for structural earthworks, and in doing so our approach has ultimately saved 28,000 tonnes of upfill material heading for landfill by finding it a home in Winchburgh. So our creative approach is great for business as well as the planet!”
Steve Fowler, Commercial Director for Taylor Wimpey East Scotland, added, “We have worked closely with Ground Developments Ltd as one of our preferred suppliers in Scotland across a number of our developments.
“We engage with them as early as possible in the overall process of preparing a piece of land for development, and they have consistently demonstrated an ability to focus on optimum engineering solutions for some of our more challenging sites.
“Through the diversity of their expertise they have adopted a wholly holistic approach for our development at Winchburgh that has delivered results in a cost-effective way, and saved around 28,000 tonnes of materials from some of our other developments heading for landfill. It’s an approach that we are keen to explore further following the success we’ve seen at Winchburgh.
“Our site preparations are now well-underway to start building our new homes at Seton Park.”