UpStand boards for inverted roofs

Steve Broadhurst says Jablite’s new UpStand boards are lightweight and easy to handle and install on site.

ALL insulation specifications for inverted roofs should include specific detailing to prevent cold bridging around the roof parapet where the horizontal insulation board meets the parapet wall.

An UpStand insulation board, installed vertically around the entire perimeter of roof, on the internal façade of the parapet, is the recommended solution to stop this cold bridging.
Steve Broadhurst, Technical Service Manager at Jablite, said, “We have developed two new UpStand insulation boards to prevent cold bridging around the roof parapet.
“One is the Jablite High Performance (HP) UpStand Insulation Board which is available in a range of colours and is designed for use on roofs expecting a high level of pedestrian traffic – for example, penthouses, communal rooftop gardens and podiums.”
This new insulation product has a protective skin to resist UV degradation and withstand frost, storms and extreme temperature fluctuations to maintain a long-lasting aesthetic appeal.
Steve added, “The second one is the Jablite UpStand Insulation Board that is designed for roofs where only minimal pedestrian traffic is expected – i.e. for maintenance and mechanical work.
“These are a cost effective option and do not have the aesthetic appeal of the HP UpStand boards.
“Both of Jablite’s new UpStand insulation boards are guaranteed to provide the excellent thermal performance of all Jablite insulation.”