SSE Hydro benefits from Green Roof solution


A Blackdown Green Roof has boosted the green credentials and provided an attractive feature at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro.

The Intensive Green Roof system was specified by architects Foster and Partners, who were looking for a sustainable solution to complement the strong design features of the building’s main entrance. The system comprised of 37,000 Lonicera Nitida ‘Maygreen’ shrubs, planted to form a thick, hardy green mat over the low level ‘skirt’ above the entrance of the arena.
The installation presented a number of challenges, due to the varying pitch of the roof and the requirement for the planting system to be fed on a regular basis.
Paul Otway, Head of Contracts at Blackdown Green Roofs, said, “Due to the undulating profile of the roof, varying in pitch between 8 and 52 degrees, we had to devise an innovative green roof solution; not least for the delivery and application of 1,020m3 of substrate. The methodology that we employed maximised efficiency, minimising manual handling of materials and ensuring completion of the installation within the timescales agreed.
“Blackdown also supplied an automatic irrigation system to ensure the shrubs are permanently fed and watered with minimal manpower requirements.”
Blackdown Green Roofs are constructed from a range of components that replicate the natural growing environment for plants.
Green roofs improve a building’s thermal performance, increase rainwater retention and reduce the life-cycle costs of a roof by protecting it from climatic changes, UV light and mechanical damage. They also help to reduce the heat island effect within cities, increasing both the absorption of CO2 and biodiversity levels.