Elegant curtain walling improves outlook at City View


THE aesthetic appeal of the City View office scheme in Aberdeen has been enhanced by stylish curtain walling.

The scheme, whose contemporary design and high specification quality have been recognised by Aberdeen Civic Society, extends over four acres in a much sought-after commercial district.
Metal Technology installed window, door and curtain walling products at the site.
Their System 17 Capped and System 17 Latitude are designed for expansive high-rise applications and offer a variety of powder coated finish options, providing a striking visual impact.
The company’s System 4-35 Hi+ Thermal Thermally Enhanced Casement Window offers the designer a range of profiles that provide structural integrity, weather performance and security.
The system utilises polyamide thermal break profiles that have been specifically designed to minimise heat transfer across the window profiles. Thermal performance is further improved through the introduction of specially designed thermal gaskets and foam profiles, reducing radiation heat loss across the air cavities within the window profiles.
The co-ordinated design approach is completed by the use of Metal Technology’s System 5-20D Thermally Enhanced door.