Another one bites the dust – Red Road flats

THE latest demolition of the Red Road tower blocks in the north of Glasgow went with a bang after 450 homes were temporarily evacuated for the ‘blowdown’.

The block of Glasgow Housing Association flats came down in a controlled explosion that saw the 30-storey structure reduced to 10,000 tonnes of debris in just five seconds by 88kg of explosives.
It was the second multi-storey to be demolished at Red Road following a similar exercise last year. The demolition is part of a continuing regeneration by GHA and its partners to transform communities in the city.
Many of the former residents were re-housed locally in one of GHA’s new-build or upgraded homes or other social landlords’ new-build properties.
The remaining six blocks at Red Road will be demolished in a programme lasting until 2017.
Around 450 homes were temporarily evacuated for the blowdown with many residents staying with family or friends or visiting a nearby evacuation centre.
Due to the unique steel-framed structure of the flats, the bottom 10 storeys remained – as planned – undisturbed after the explosions. They will be demolished using machines.
The clear-up will take several months with the steel being removed and recycled and the remaining rubble crushed and used as foundations.