Towering success as Forth Crossing team reaches its latest landmark

A milestone has been reached on the new Forth Crossing with the completion of the central tower foundations on Beamer Rock.

The event also marked a major operational landmark for contractor Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC) whose marine foundations team formally handed over to the tower team on Beamer Rock.
The foundations for the central tower involved blasting Beamer Rock to below water level and then constructing a coffer dam to create a water-free environment from which the tower itself will rise. Nearly three million litres of water were removed from the cofferdam ready for work to begin on the superstructure itself.
Carlo Germani, projector director for FCBC, added: “De-watering the central tower coffer dam is a major milestone for this project. Creating this water-free environment will allow us to push on with the structural concrete foundation which will be followed by the central tower itself.”
Transport minister Keith Brown said: “This really is a significant milestone as it signifies the completion of one vital element in the marine foundations and the beginning of work above water on the bridge structure itself.”
He said it had been a big week for the project and the wintry weather was a fitting way for the marine foundations team to leave Beamer Rock given the challenging climate they had worked in.