Revised standard will make procurement process easier

‘…a further step towards greater efficiency in prequalification’

BSI has published a revision to its construction procurement standard in a move that has been welcomed by the UK Government.

The latest edition, Construction Prequalification Questionnaires replaces the more wordy PAS 91: 2010 – Construction related procurement – Prequalification questionnaires. It provided a common language and a uniform structure for the questions used in prequalification questionnaires but they have been revised to elicit the information in a more straightforward fashion.
Presenting and receiving core information in an industry-recognised format through PAS 91 has led to improvements in the construction supply chain by helping to cut costs associated with unnecessary duplication and reducing the risks related to the interpretation of varying information.
BSI said the revised PAS, which more closely aligns the question modules with public and defence procurement policy, is likely to open up more opportunities for small and medium-sized organisations through standardisation of questions and keeping to a minimum the information being asked for.
Looking ahead, the new edition includes optional questions in respect of BIM [Building information modelling]. These have been developed with experts from that field to ensure that they meet current market needs and industry requirements and will assist procurers to more easily identify and review competence in BIM and ensure information exchange.
Jonathan Griffin, head of construction standards at BSI, said: “The revision takes a further step towards greater efficiency in prequalification and will have a significant effect on the effectiveness of the process as well as reducing the demand on resources for both buyers and suppliers. Additionally it also assists companies to be ready for the introduction of BIM and brings construction industry protocols right up to date.”
UK business minister Michael Fallon said: “I welcome the new PAS 91 developed in partnership with industry and Government which will remove the burden of prequalification in the construction sector, streamline procedures and ultimately reduce costs for both contractors and their clients.”

Benefits to suppliers
• Greater clarity about what information is required for tender process so less time taken to prepare responses
• Confidence in the process and certainty that questionnaires have been completed correctly
• More time to spend on other elements of business development
• Reduction in incidence of repeat completion

Benefits to buyers
• Greater confidence that they are prequalifying suppliers correctly
• Less time spent on interpreting information therefore more time to develop project-specific questions
• Assurance that they are following best practice and sustainable processes
• Greater choice and availability of suppliers with more willingness to bid for work due to certainty of process