Warming up – Redland launches two new insulation products.

Warming up

REDLAND is penetrating further into the roof with the launch of two insulation products.

Rapid Rafter Insulation and Rapid Loft Board are likely to find popularity with contractors and home owners looking for ways to respond to rising energy costs.
The loft board goes in the loft space horizontally at ceiling level – instead of mineral wool – with the board laid across the joists. This converts the loft into a walkable storage area as well as insulating the home in one layer.
Redland says the tongue and groove edges make it easy for contractors to fit, with just a seal around the perimeter. Off-the-shelf fixings are also used.
Rapid Rafter Insulation is applied directly to the rafters with tiles laid on top. It is suited to re-roofing projects where work has to comply with the requirement to upgrade insulation when installing a new roof. The insulation has an integrated vapour permeable underlay. Bonded to the upper surface, with self-adhesive laps, it improves vapour permeability. Fewer fixings are required than comparable helical fixings and each insulation board has tongue and groove edges.
Steve Rose, Redland’s product portfolio manager, said: “With energy prices skyrocketing and impetus from the Green Deal, contractors and merchants are ideally placed to take advantage, installing these products and helping the nations homeowners save energy.”