Veterans come Forth to see the new generation

SOME of the construction veterans who helped build the original Forth Road Bridge returned for a reunion on the site of the new structure.

The former workers met members of the team responsible for the
construction of the new bridge after being invited by contractor Forth Crossing Bridge
Constructors (FCBC) for a detailed briefing on the design and technical
Carlo Germani, FCBC project director, said: “This is a very special event. It is a rare honour and real pleasure for everybody at
FCBC to meet some of the talented people who built the new crossing’s famous
“Things have changed a great deal in construction over the past half century, so we
have a huge amount to learn from each other. We look forward to having an on-going
relationship with the ‘veterans’ over the years ahead as the new bridge takes shape
and to continue working with the rest of the community in order to inspire interest in
what we are constructing out in the Forth.”
Transport minister
Keith Brown also attended the get-together at the newly-opened education centre at South Queensferry. He said: “When the Forth Road Bridge opened in September 1964 it was one of the most
impressive feats of engineering of the time. The Forth Replacement Crossing is of the
most impressive of ours. Where else in the world will you find three iconic bridges
spanning three centuries and representing the highest standards of civil engineering
achieved in each?
“It was fascinating to meet with many of those who played such a pivotal role in the
construction of the original bridge. They are impressive characters and have many
stories to tell. Some of the challenges, such as coping with the severe weather, are still
relevant today.”
He added: “Of course 2013 promises to be a crucial year for the most significant Scottish
infrastructure project for a generation. The permanent structure is expected to become
visible as the bridge towers start to rise from the waters of the Forth and the people of
Scotland get the chance to vote for the permanent name for their bridge.”
Next year will be the bridge’s 50th anniversary.