Fire option for curtain walling

Fire option

A fire resistant enhancement of its traditional curtain walling systems has been launched by aluminium systems supplier Kawneer.

The range extension applies to the AA100 and AA110 curtain walling systems with 50mm and 65mm sightlines respectively depending on structural requirements. The AA720 door and fixed light variants also benefit.
Independently tested to the latest European standards, the enhancement hinges on the addition of some new components, including intumescent strips of foam throughout the glazing which expand when heated and cooling materials which sweat to cool the aluminium profiles and therefore protect against smoke and heat penetration.
In addition, section profiles now contain a specialist gypsum plasterboard-based cooling material that helps keep the aluminium under melting point, and specialist steel glazing clips and retaining bolts replace their aluminium predecessors to help maintain the structural integrity of the system.
The glass itself contains a fire resistant gel that protects the glass and prevents it from melting when it is heated.

Image – Screen damage after 60-minute exposure.