£3m spend on cost cuts drive

BUSINESSES and public sector bodies are being targeted in a £3m-a-year push to slash energy, water and raw materials costs.

Zero Waste Scotland has awarded the Scottish Government-funded contract to a consortium led by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) for a new advice service that will go live next month. It will replace Government business and public sector advice services currently run by Zero Waste Scotland, Carbon Trust and EST. It is thought to be the first time advice on energy, water, materials and waste can be accessed from a single service.
Users of the service will get free support, training and access to funding to help organisations implement resource efficiency measures.
The contract will be part of a wider £7m-a-year programme that will include interventions around ‘hot spots’, such as the energy performance of buildings.
Zero Waste Scotland estimates that Scottish organisations could save £2.9bn a year by taking simple steps to cut energy, water and raw material use.
Iain Gulland, director of Zero Waste Scotland, commented: “We believe bringing together Government-backed advice and support on energy, water, raw materials and waste in this way is a first within Europe.
“The Scottish Government’s economic strategy recognises the fundamental contribution resource efficiency can make to economic competitiveness; the economies which flourish in the 21st century will be those which prioritise efficiency and green growth.
“This new service has been shaped around the needs of businesses and the public sector and it is focused on helping organisations take practical action.”